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Conservative dentistry

Our Centre specialises in advanced methods of treating and preventing dental caries. For fillings we use only the best dental materials available on the market.

Conservative dentistry deals with prevention of dental caries and treatment of the already existing cavities. Come and see us at ODENT Orthodontic and Implant Centre, in one of our dental surgerie or Żoliborz in Warsaw.



 Conservative dentistry involves:

  • treatment of dental caries
  • tooth restoration with composite
  • tooth restoration with fiberglass-reinforced composite
  • endodontic/ root canal therapy

Dental caries affects patients at any age. It is an infectious disease of hard dental tissues, namely enamel and dentin, caused by bacteria. Bacteria, which live in the dental plaque, feed on it and produce acids causing mineral breakdown of the enamel, i.e. caries.Tooth decay develops most often in the dental grooves, interdental spaces and around the gums. At the first stage, chalky white spots may be noticed on the tooth. Then, the decay spot turns dark and rough. If untreated, the enamel breaks and a cavity forms. 



Symptoms of dental caries:

  • dark spots on the teeth – lesions/ cavities,
  • teeth discolouration,
  • bad breath,
  • sensitivity to cold/ hot and sweet/sour during eating,
  • toothache when decay is extensive and has reached the pulp.

Treatment of dental caries:


Early treatment of dental caries involves the use of special fluoride products which built into the tooth. Fluoride aids remineralization, i.e. repair of the enamel, thanks to which the early white-spot lesions are reversible. However, if a cavity has already formed in the enamel and dentin, a dentist has to intervene, remove the tissues affected by caries and place a composite filling. If we deal with deep caries lesions, the patient may feel strong toothache as the bacteria have already infected the pulp and root canals. In such an event, the root canal therapy is required.


To make the dental treatment painless, we use a computer-controlled topical anaesthesia – The Wand.


At ODENT Centre, we offer composite fillings of well-known and reliable producers. The composite materials come in a variety of shades, which allows for perfect match with the natural colour of the tooth. In the case of bigger cavities, we offer porcelain inlay/onlay fillings.


How to take a good care of your teeth and prevent dental caries?

  • Follow a healthy diet with reduced amount of sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Maintain daily proper oral hygiene: brush your teeth three times a day for min. 3 minutes, floss and rinse with mouthwash.
  • Use the toothpaste with fluoride.
  • Remember about cleaning your tongue – there are bacteria on its surface.
  • If you cannot brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with water 10 minutes after the meal.
  • See your dentist for check-up every six months.
  • Have your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist every six months: scaling, sand-blasting, fluoride treatment.


Remember that…
all you need to do to have beautiful and healthy teeth
is to maintain systematic, proper daily oral hygiene.

Check-up PLN 80
Specialist consultation PLN 200
Panoramic X-ray PLN 110
Single-tooth X-ray PLN 40
Aesthetic filling PLN 300-450
Tooth restoration with composite PLN 400-550
The Wand (anaesthesia) + gel PLN 70

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