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X-ray lab

Our X-ray lab takes professional X-rays: panoramic and cephalometric images as well as single-tooth X-rays. All in one place!

Pracownia RTG Warszawa Żoliborz

In the X-ray lab we take X-ray images of teeth for the purposes of further diagnostics and planning of the dental treatment. X-ray images are used to assess the condition of the teeth, root canals and tissues surrounding a tooth. They are also taken during the treatment of dental caries and inflammation of the dental pulp and bones.

Types of X-ray imaging:


We guarantee the highest resolution of the X-ray imaging at the lowest exposure to the X-ray radiation. 


We offer the following types of X-ray imaging:



Panoramic radiograph


shows all the teeth and allows to assess the condition of the entire dentition. Panoramic radiographs are taken in the event of a planned surgical, orthodontic, implant, prosthetic or conservative therapy.

Lateral cephalometric radiograph


taken in the event of a planned orthodontic therapy and allows to provide thorough diagnostics of orthodontic anomalies in a patient.

Single-tooth X-ray


very often vital to make a decision on further dental treatment. It is usually taken prior to, during and after the root canal treatment to confirm that the therapy has been conducted properly, as well as to examine dental caries on the proximal surfaces. 


We provide X-ray imaging services to all patients, also to those who do not avail of dental treatment in our clinic. Such patients should have a referral from their doctor to take dental X-ray images.

All images are provided only on a CD.  

Our dental surgery at Duchnicka St. (Żoliborz) hosts a state-of-the-art digital X-ray lab equipped with:



Morita’s Veraview unit,

which takes panoramic and cephalometric radiographs. The images are accurate, with high contrast at low dosage.

The X-ray unit is specially adapted for disabled patients.

Digora System

is an X-ray scanner for digital imaging of single-tooth X-rays.The Digora System supports single-tooth X-ray systems.

Price list

Panoramic radiograph PLN 110
Cephalometric radiograph PLN 110
Single-tooth X-ray image PLN 40

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