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Adaptation visit

The first visit at a dentist office is a big stress for our young patients, therefore we suggest that it should be an adaptation visit – this will give the child and the parent the time to get to know the doctor and the office.


A good paediatric dentist knows how important it is to tell the child about the upcoming dentist appointment in a positive manner and to allow the little patient to prepare for it mentally.


How can parents help the child to prepare for a dentist appointment? There are books for children which present a visit at a dental office in a pleasant way, e.g. a visit of a duckling at a dentist. They will familiarize the child with the names of dentist's instruments and show what the doctor will do. The first contact with a dentist will heavily influence the child’s attitude towards further dental treatment, therefore it is essential to ensure that visit leaves nothing but positive impressions.
We suggest that parents bring their children to the first visit before a dental problem arises. This should help to ensure that the first visit will be pleasant, exciting and will consist solely in examining the healthy teeth of your child.



During the adaptation visit, the dentist

will show your child the dentist surgery. The doctor will present the dentist chair and how it can be adjusted, how the dental handpieces blow air or spray water, the mirror and a face mask. He or she will also show the child how to brush their teeth correctly on an oversize teeth and toothbrush model. The visit is as a nice time for the child and the doctor to get to know each other better and devise further tooth decay prevention plan.


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