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Dental surgery for children

A paediatric dental surgeon performs various procedures in the oral cavity. The procedures are always done under painless local anaesthesia (The Wand).




ODENT Dental Centre offers the following surgical procedures for children:

  • We extract milk teeth under computer-controlled local anaesthesia – The Wand.
  • We perform labial frenuloplasty (upper and lower lip).


Labial or lingual frenuloplasty is a short (it literally takes a couple of minutes) and completely painless procedure. It is made with a special laser which allows to eliminate bleeding. Frenuloplasty is performed at the recommendation of an orthodontist, speech therapist or a paediatric dentist, in order to improve the mobility of the upper or lower lip. Lingual frenuloplasty is recommended if the lingual frenulum interferes with speech function.

Showing first missing or loose teeth


Lingual frenuloplasty is a short and painless procedure. It is also performed with the use of a laser, so there is no bleeding. The procedure is to improve the mobility of the tongue. A child with a tight lingual frenulum (the so-called tongue-tie) has problems with pronouncing sounds, despite ceaseless exercises. Therefore, the decision about lingual frenuloplasty is most often taken by a speech therapist or an orthodontist.

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