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Paediatric orthodontics

ODENT Paediatric Dentistry Centre Warszawa-Żoliborz  specializes in orthodontic treatment provided to children and adolescents with the use of removable and fixed appliances.




Come and see us for an orthodontic consultation if you have observed in your child:

  • speech disorders,
  • alarming teeth appearance and position (e.g. the teeth overlap),
  • facial asymmetry,
  • mouth breathing – the mouth remains open at all times,
  • reverse bite, i.e. the upper teeth bit inside the lower teeth,
  • disproportionally advanced or retruded chin.



An orthodontist will assess whether your child has malocclusion and propose potential orthodontic therapy. The sooner we detect a disorder, the easier it will be to treat. Every parent wants their child to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Removable and fixed appliance:

Removable appliance


A removable appliance is recommended for children who do not have all of the permanent teeth yet, to correct malocclusion and prevent aggravation of the already existing problems. To obtain the best results, the appliance should be worn daily for a dozen or so hours at the minimum. A removable appliance is composed of an acrylic plate, metal archwire and metal hooks – children may choose the colour of the acrylic plate in their appliance. Wearing a removable appliance is painless, only a slight sense of discomfort may be felt at times. The parent should remember to bring the child for regular follow-up appointments to regulate and adjust the appliance.


The duration of the therapy with a removable appliance is specified by the doctor.


Fixed appliance

In the case of children over 12 years old or once all of the permanent teeth have erupted, the doctor may decide to use a fixed appliance.


What does a fixed appliance consist of?


However, before a fixed appliance can be put on, the doctor will first:




  • take X-ray images: lateral head films and a panoramic radiograph to assess the position of the teeth and presence of all tooth buds,
  • make dental impressions to produce orthodontic models,
  • take digital intraoral and extraoral photographs.

After the analysis of the patient’s orthodontic documentation and making the treatment plan, the doctor attaches a fixed appliance.

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