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About us

Dear All, my name is Barbara Obłoj and I am delighted to greet you at the website of our Centre.

Orthodontics is my passion and I have pursuing sefl-improvement and studying that field of dentistry for 18 years already. I specialise in comprehensive orthodontic therapy for children and adults, in particular orthognathic defects, clefts and ankyloses. I also expand my experience by working in the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw (IMiD) as an Assistant in the Orthodontic Clinic.

I find pleasure and professional satisfaction in working as a dentist.

I find the greatest joy in those Patients who, at first, enter my office shyly, often struggling with complexes caused by their malocclusion, but later, after the therapy, they become different people – brave, open and happy.

ODENT Orthodontic and Implant Centre evolved from the passion and will to create a place with a comprehensive approach to dental treatment.

For years, we have been maintaining the highest standards of dental treatment thanks to an experienced and highly qualified medical staff, state-of-the-art technology and comfort treatment conditions.

At ODENT Centre, we offer a very wide range of dental therapies in every field of dentistry.

Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of dental services to ensure that our Patients’ teeth are healthy and their smile radiant.



We are looking forward to meeting you at our Centre.


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